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I wrote this poem thinking about what makes us do the things we do, and what is the wealth of love? I wrote it in two sections, as a poem questioning and a poem answering those questions. I hope you like it.


Love, what is love?

Is it a glance into someone’s soul?

Is it a look of admiration,

A look of understanding,

A look of compassion?

To a soul, in a thousand seas of souls,

Or is it a quiver of one’s touch?

A fast beating of one’s heart,

The electricity of it all,

I wonder

Is it a longing look on one’s path?

A mother’s tender touch!

Loo! a mother’s embrace.

Blanketing her child,

Away from hurt.

Or is it hoping,

With all that abstract hope?

Of something anew,

Something afresh,

Might occur,

Might change it all,

In the bleakness of ones life.

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