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Monthly Archives: August 2014




Memories, why do they torment me so?

Time gone past, people, places all gone.

When time was present, didn’t heed me so,

Now time gone past, why do I need you so?


Reliving it in my mind,

I try to change the present time.

Only messing up the moment at hand,

Analyzing, evaluating things gone past,

Moments, truth and all,

Rectifying hurt, ego and all.


Stripping down my ego, I see,

Ignorance is not such an elated plea.

Affections and love, not what I thought them to be.

But something astoundingly splendid.

The great joy of sharing one’s wealth,

That extends by giving.


The great loss to one’s heart,

Is when it’s shielded, from life and love around.

Revere the things as they are,

For who knows what time brings tomorrow,

May you think about today as, wistful, slippery past.

Live each moment as whole, to have treasures of memories to behold.




Doler Shah