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Who am I? The universal question. we recognize one another by the name that is given to us. I was given Doler for my name. It is a name of a flower (gardenia) in my language.Although I recognize myself as an artist, in all aspects. I like to do things with my hands, and like ail the genre of performing and visual arts, and have participated in interpreting it. It always amazes me, as to what draws us to different people, and how the people we are in touch with mold us and our personalities, and how many are effected by us. to that i feel a great responsibility. I want to be sure about not hurting anyone. My actions to all that I come across, have to be positive, and amiable. I believe that positive energy can bring about a lot of change in the world.

When one thinks about leaving something behind, I believe I want to be remembered by my actions, and my attitude, interaction with people and places around me. As I believe I am just transiting through life on earth, it becomes my responsibility to respect and protect it.

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  1. If more believed and lived that last line, life would be so much more positive, peaceful, and pleasant.


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